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HVAC Systems

Farris Heating & Air is dedicated to providing the highest quality and most reliable HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) service in Bartlesville and the surrounding areas.

Farris has the skills and technical expertise for all your heating and air conditioning needs. Our experienced technicians are well-versed in all HVAC, primarily focusing on Lennox.

System Design and Installation

Let Farris Heating & Air help you get the most out of your HVAC system! We are certified Lennox Comfort Specialists dedicated to finding the perfect system for your home.

Lennox has a variety of energy efficient furnaces and air conditioning units to help you increase the comfort of your and help you lower your utility bills.

Our HVAC installers are licensed, certified and familiar with all state and local building codes. Trained in state-of-the art system design and repair, they are able to design a unique system to meet all your residential, business or commercial requirements.

Our install crew will arrive at your home equipped with everything they need to complete most installations in a single visit.

Let Farris Heat & Air take care of all your HVAC system needs. Call us today! 918.333.0376.

Air Duct Renovation

Are your utility bills too high? Does your air conditioner or furnace run constantly? Are some of the rooms in your home too hot while others are too cold? If you answered yes to these questions, there could be a problem with your home’s duct system.

Farris Heating & Air offers several options for air duct design and renovation.

Load Calculation

When sizing a heating and cooling system for a home, using rule of thumb measurements can leave you with an improperly sized system. This can lead to high utility bills and an uncomfortable living environment.

A Manual J load calculation enables contractors to accurately estimate the size of equipment needed for your home. Load calculations are essential to ensure that each room can be heated and cooled evenly

Duct Designs

Properly sized ducts ensure air is flowing evenly into each room of your home. Elite Service Company utilizes Manual D Residential Duct Sizing guidelines set forth by the Air Conditioning Contractors of America to provide you with an accurately sized duct system.

Adding Returns

Simply adding a return your existing duct system can solve many of your airflow problems. Adding a return air run allows for greater supply air into your home, resulting in better air flow, lower utility bills and a higher level of comfort for your family.

Let Farris help you get the most out of your home’s duct system. Call us today! 918.333.0376.


Our service technicians have completed a comprehensive training program and are licensed and certified by the State of Oklahoma and bonded to ensure you get the best service experience possible.

Each technician carries his own tools and repair parts and will arrive at your home prepared to complete the job as quickly as possible.

We are available day or night for all of your heating and air conditioning service needs.

  • Air Conditioners- Our Technicians Are Highly Trained To Work With Air Conditioners And Their Related Systems From Any Manufacturer, Regardless Of Make Or Model.
  • Furnaces– Our Technicians Have All Been Certified To Work On Any Make Or Model Of Furnace You Might Have In Your Home.
  • Heat Pumps- We're Experienced In Air Heat And Ground Source Heat Pumps And Are Certified To Work On All Brands Of Equipment.

Farris Service Agreements

At Farris Heating & Air, we know that unexpected repair bills can be frustrating. Much like a car, a house requires routine attention and maintenance to its HVAC components to ensure long life and provide you with peace of mind.

With Farris Service Agreement, you will get:

  • 2 maintenance visits per year
  • Basic checklist
  • Fall/Spring checklist
  • 10% discount on any repair
  • Priority service scheduling


Do you need a new heating and air conditioning system, but it’s just not in your budget? We also offer financing thru Lennox and BancFirst or call us to find out about our other financing options. 918.333.0376.

Let Farris Heating & Air inspect, service, and maintain your air conditioning and heating systems! 918.333.0376.